Up to 25,000 mail-in ballots simultaneously requested by nursing home residents in Pennsylvania

Up to 25,000 mail-in ballots simultaneously requested by
nursing home residents in Pennsylvania 1

(Natural News) Joe Biden and the Democrat Party should be joining Donald Trump in scrutinizing every statistical anomaly and every claim of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. What are the odds that up to 25,000 nursing home residents of the same age group would simultaneously request a mail-in ballot at the same date and time? Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham brought this issue up on a recent episode of Hannity on FoxNews, but failed to provide any hard evidence that the statistical anomaly was an illegal ballot harvesting operation.

Were Democrats working together to use incapacitated or recently deceased nursing home residents to request mail-in ballots en masse? This instance shows signs of a potential ballot harvesting operation and should be investigated.

Graham warned Republicans, “We owe it to those who voted for President Trump and the country at large to test the system. If we do not deal with voting by mail in 2020, we’ll never win the White House again. The biggest issue between 2016 and 2020 is the mass use of voting by mail. It is the wild west at post offices and there are no rules. If we do not come up with some rules pretty soon, we are going to get killed into perpetuity.”

Nursing home residents have been abused all year and could have been used during the election

There are roughly 700 nursing facilities as well as 1,200 care homes in Pennsylvania. Nursing home residents have been isolated for months, with little to no family interaction. Did state-imposed restrictions on nursing home visits allow democrat operatives to take advantage of seniors, with no family present? Did these nursing home residents genuinely request the mail-in ballots or were the ballots automatically sent out in their names? How many of the ballots were filled out, even though the resident was recently deceased or incapacitated? Were these seniors cognizant of the new voting process, or did democrats take advantage of an opportunity to use senior IDs to coerce massive amounts of mail-in ballots into existence? How many signatures were forged and how many incapacitated seniors were coerced/verbally assisted into voting for Biden and the democrats? This same-day influx of mail-in ballots should be investigated, and every lead should be followed.

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The Pennsylvania Secretary of State has yet to take up this issue, as reports of voter fraud continue to crop up. Is there even enough time to address all these issues and track down the fraud claims? All legal votes must be counted, but more importantly, all illegal votes must be thrown out, for they dilute legally cast votes and undermine the election process. These illegal votes may include thousands of Biden votes that were garnered through ballot harvesting operations that took place in nursing homes.

Attorney General William Barr recently ordered U.S. attorneys to look into the voting irregularities and widespread claims of voter fraud. Barr said that misconduct must be investigated, but usually it is not of the magnitude to impact the outcome of the election. In this election, however, Barr hinted that misconduct surrounding mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, coordinated interference, faulty election software and early voting ID fraud could flip the election in key states.

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