New poll shows overwhelming majority of West Virginia voters support Joe Manchin's opposition to Biden's massive spending bill

New poll shows overwhelming majority of West Virginia voters
support Joe Manchin's opposition to Biden's massive spending
bill 1

New poll results show strong support for Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), and even more West Virginians applaud him in opposing President Joe Biden’s multitrillion-dollar reconciliation spending bill.

A poll conducted by MBE Research during the week of Nov. 7 among 702 registered West Virginia voters showed that Manchin is overwhelmingly supported by his constituents when it comes to taking a stand against Biden’s massive spending bill. The poll declared that 74% oppose President Biden’s reconciliation spending bill in favor of legislation that would control spending more.

Manchin has been the target of Democrats who are incensed that the senator would not fully support the massive spending spree. Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) was so furious with Manchin for blocking Biden’s “Build Back Better” spending plan that she accused him of being “anti-Black, anti-child, anti-woman, and anti-immigrant.”

“Joe Manchin’s opposition to the Build Back Better Act is anti-Black, anti-child, anti-woman, and anti-immigrant,” Bush proclaimed. “When we talk about transformative change, we are talking about a bill that will benefit Black, brown and Indigenous communities. Those same communities are overwhelmingly excluded from the bipartisan infrastructure bill. We cannot leave anyone behind.”

Earlier this month, Manchin explained his reluctance to support the huge spending bill.

“I’m open to supporting a final bill that helps move our country forward, but I’m equally open to voting against a bill that hurts our country,” Manchin said on Nov. 1, adding that the bill would end up “hurting American families suffering from historic inflation.”

Manchin said all he sees is “shell games and budget gimmicks” that mask “the real cost” of the “Build Back Better” bill, which he claims could end up being “twice as high” as advertised.

He declared that any bill that “expands social programs and irresponsibly adds to our $29 trillion in national debt” would be ill-advised.

When asked this week if West Virginia voters want the $1.75 trillion bill, Manchin responded, “I think my voters in West Virginia — but I don’t speak for the whole country, my voters … they’re very much concerned. Inflation has hit them extremely hard.”

“They have to drive … and the cost, they see it every day,” Manchin said of West Virginia voters on Tuesday. “And every day they go to fill up is a dollar and a quarter more a gallon. So they’re in $3.29, $3.39. A gallon of milk is now $4 in many places.”

“And it’s taking a toll,” Manchin continued. “And I hear it when I go to the grocery store, or if I go to the gas station. They say, ‘Are you as mad as I am?’ and I say, ‘Absolutely.'”

The MBE Research survey found that Manchin boasts a much higher approval rating than President Biden. Manchin’s approval rating is 60% compared to 37% who disapprove of his job performance. Meanwhile, President Biden only has a 32% approval rating from West Virginians and 65% who disapprove.

Manchin said the poll demonstrates that he is doing what is best for West Virginia and not Washington.

“That poll showed that I’m not being controlled or led by anybody except the people of West Virginia,” Manchin said. “They know my job is to represent my state, and that comes first.”

“It tells me that I’m listening to West Virginians and what they’re telling me,” he added. “I come as frequently as I can — weekly if possible. I go to the grocery store, I go to filling stations and do everything that average West Virginians do when I’m home. I see the price increases, I see the concerns that people have, and when I come back to Washington I try explain to colleagues the people’s concerns.”

MBE Research pollster Mark Blankenship commented on the results, “Voters want to be listened to. When they feel like you’re listening to them, they will reward that either at the polls or in numbers like this. I think that’s what’s recognized here is that Senator Manchin is listening to the people of West Virginia.”

A new Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday found that Biden’s job approval continues to fall. President Biden’s approval rating is now at 36% – down from 37% in October and 49% in February. There are 53% who disapprove of Biden – up from 52% in October. Specifically, 59% disapprove Biden’s handling of the economy and 55% disapprove of his foreign policy.

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