Newsom Extends Southern California Stay-at-Home Order For at Least Another Three Weeks

Newsom Extends Southern California Stay-at-Home Order For at
Least Another Three Weeks 1

California Governor Gavin Newsom extended his unconstitutional stay-at-home order for two regions of the state: Southern California and San Joaquin Valley.

Once again Newsom is targeting conservative Orange County with the strictest lockdown order.

The regional stay-at-home order was first announced on December 3 and set to expire this weekend.

The order requires virtually all indoor businesses to close, save for big box retailers like Walmart, Target and Costco.

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Newsom extended the lockdown order because ICU capacity is “strained.”

Where in the Constitution does it say Americans lose their rights if intensive-care unit capacity is strained?

CNBC reported:

California will extend its stay-at-home order for two regions of the state — Southern California and San Joaquin Valley — where intensive-care unit capacity is strained from an onslaught of Covid-19 patients, the state’s Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly said on Tuesday.

Those two regions will continue to be subject to the restrictions until projections from the state show ICU capacity above or equal to 15%, he said. Ghaly added that projections will be calculated and updated daily moving forward. Just because the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California regions will remain under the order, it doesn’t mean they’ll be there for the full three weeks, he said.

According to a slide Ghaly presented at a press briefing, those two regions showed no available ICU capacity. Four-week projections from state health officials have determined that ICU capacity in those two regions is not improving, Ghaly said.

“We essentially are projecting that the ICU capacity is not improving in Southern California and San Joaquin Valley, and that demand will continue to exceed capacity,” Ghaly said during a press briefing.

California’s claim that its ICUs are full is a complete lie.

Orange County and San Diego are both running at less than 90% full. The numbers are totally normal for this time of year (flu season).

Via the OC Register: “The percentages here have been adjusted by state public health officials to represent the high levels of COVID-19 patients among all ICU patients. More actual beds may be available.”

Efforts to recall Gavin Newsom are gaining traction.

Recall organizers have until March 17th to collect 1,495,709 signatures and they already have more than 911,000.

It is time for California to give Newsom the boot.

Do not sign the petition to recall Newsom online. You must physically sign the petition in order for it to count.

Click here for a petition locator tool to find a recall location near you.

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