Pennsylvania Voter: ‘Everybody Should Take to the Streets’

Pennsylvania Voter: ‘Everybody Should Take to the
Streets’ 1

HARRISBURG, Pa.—Kyle Toffey joined a protest against election fraud, expressing his view that what is at stake here is more than a choice of candidate, what’s at stake is human dignity.

“I came here to stand up for our rights, for our voting here in America, and around the world. I understand how important this is for not just this country, but for the world, absolutely,” Toffey said at a Stop the Steal rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Nov. 21, 2020. The fraud isn’t random, but a concerted effort, he said.

“We are choosing between good and evil, between people who are for a republic and people who want a communist government,” he said.

“People don’t understand what communism is, they don’t understand the evil of it; 150 million people have died because of communism and communism alone,” he said. Toffey lived in South Korea for a time, and worked with North Koreans, and saw their poor living conditions. “It’s an ideology that reduces people to the lowest common denominator, where we are worth less than animals.”

“We believe in a God that gave us certain unalienable rights, and we were created as God’s children, which means we have a position in this world and have value,” Toffey said. “Donald Trump values all people.”

Americans generally believe this, but it also makes us unable to take global threats as seriously as we should sometimes, Toffey added.

“We project our goodness on other people, I generally think most people are good people. The problem is, we’re working with an enemy that don’t believe that. They have certain a belief that people are just trash, that they have no value, that’s what you see in China, that’s what you see in all these communist countries,” Toffey said.

“This spirit of America came because of people’s freedom to excel as individuals,” he said.

“The Constitution is not the problem, the problem is that people want to avoid the Constitution, the Democrats don’t like the Constitution, and the main difference is we believe that the Constitution enshrines the rights that God gave us,” he said. “The Democrats believe the Constitution is a limit of what the government can do.”

“Government is supposed to be a servant of the people, not the master,” he said. “That’s the big difference with our American Constitution.”

“During this crisis, I think everybody should take to the streets,” he said. “Not to fight, but to show their support for Donald Trump, to show their support for the Constitution. They can go out to any street corner, anywhere, fly their flag, make their point, because we have to give hope to the people.”

“There’s at least 73 million people out there who voted for Trump and we have to inspire them to keep up the fight because this is a fraudulent count of the votes,” he said.

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