Pennsylvania Voter: ‘We Are Seeing a Battle Between Good and Evil’

Pennsylvania Voter: ‘We Are Seeing a Battle Between Good and
Evil’ 1

HARRISBURG, Pa.—Sean Moon’s father was freed by American forces from a North Korean death camp in 1953.

“And he made his way to the US,” said Moon, a pastor. “And that’s why we know, our family knows, the dangers of communism, the danger of the Chinese Communist Party, and the dangers of communism coming in through the universities, through the media, through halls of government, to the United States. And that’s the last thing any American should want.”

Moon attended a Stop the Steal rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Nov. 21, 2020, because the atrocities of communism were what he saw to be on the horizon if America lets a presidential election get stolen. The election was the culmination of many other indicators showing communism encroaching on American values, he explained, from Big Tech censoring the President of the United States to the Biden family investing in China.

“This is a constitutional crisis here in American,” he said.

“This election had amassed the biggest voter fraud, election fraud that this country has ever seen,” Moon said. “Voter fraud will be exposed.”

“We are seeing a battle between good and evil,” Moon said. His father knew, and taught, that communism is not just politics, it is evil, and it is what destroys human liberty, “which is the greatest gift that God has given humanity, so that we can choose to love him,” Moon said.

Americans must protest, he added, so that the president knows America stands behind him.

“And he will win in court and we will have four more years for President Donald Trump,” he said. “In any contested states, we should call our state legislatures, the people who represent us, and tell them, do not certify a fraudulent election.”

“We the people, who are their employers, we are the bosses,” he said. “We must tell them, do not certify a fraudulent election. Let the courts decide, let it go to the Supreme Court, let it go to a contingent election.”

“Our founding fathers already put in the Constitution the processes to stop this. But we have to get back to that, and we’re got to get back to standing up for President Donald Trump,” he said. “God bless you, President Trump.”

“God is on his side. And even though we are not perfect, God uses us for His goodwill, to stand up against real Satanism and the destruction of families, marriage, the destruction of children in the womb,” he said. Else we usher in a government that oppresses its own people with censorship and persecution, a “government that attacks its own people, that doesn’t let them redress grievances and speak and have freedom,” he said. “That is the future if President Trump does not remain strong at this time. I know he is, and we are with him.”

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