Pennsylvania Voter: ‘I Believe That If We Come Together We Can Defeat This’

Pennsylvania Voter: ‘I Believe That If We Come Together We
Can Defeat This’ 1

HARRISBURG, Pa.—Many forces are trying to divide Americans right now, including what looks like an attempt to steal an election, according to Michael Kassman.

“Americans are standing up, of all colors, races, and creeds, to stop the steal of this election,” he said at a Stop the Steal rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Nov. 14, 2020. “We’re not going to be silent and let them steal this election.”

Many have described this election as a battle between good and evil and Kassman sees it similarly. He said there is rampant corruption, terrorism, and human trafficking and President Donald Trump has been one of the few who have sought to combat it.

“He’s focusing a lot on internal security of nations, to really bolster the internal security instead of going to war all the time,” he said. “So it’s not Republican versus Democrat, it’s good versus evil, it’s evil trying to make its biggest manifestation in the world right now and trying to divide humans into different classes, different races, different party lines so we don’t come together.”

“I believe that if we come together we can defeat this,” he said. “We need to come together, as human beings, as Americans, not right versus left.”

Big Tech has only contributed to this division, Kassman added. They’ve directly aided the Chinese Communist Party to suppress dissent in communist China, he said, and Americans should keep watch to make sure it won’t happen here.

“The amount of information that is censored is ridiculous,” he said. “They’re social control, they’re censors.”

Kassman wore a “Stop the Spread” t-shirt depicting a communist sickle and hammer.

“It seems like communism is spreading faster in America than the virus is,” he said. History has shown what communism does to countries across Asia, Europe, and South America, he said, as recent as the 2014 collapse of Venezuela, and we know what communism looks like.

“America’s fall will be much worse than those other countries, and as goes this nation so goes the world,” he said.

“We can’t let that happen,” he said, adding that one example of this top-down division would be instances of election fraud being censored or suppressed.

“I mean, that’s the integrity of our elections. If we lose that, everything else is going to fall behind, fall apart because of that. So we have to make sure to expose this election fraud right now, for the good of both sides of this country,” he said. “If we can’t have this honest election we’re never going to have an honest election again. Without that, how can we have a republic?”

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