Pennsylvania Voter Says We Can’t Have Months of Voting

Pennsylvania Voter Says We Can’t Have Months of
Voting 1

HARRISBURG, Pa.—Jamie Petroski traveled four hours with her sister and her daughter to protest against alleged election fraud because she felt strongly that it was time to stand up for American freedoms and rule of law.

“I’m here because I have children, and I believe that we need to stand up for this country. This is the birthplace of our democracy and if we don’t stand up for the integrity of our voting system then it could be the place where it dies,” Petroski said at a Stop the Steal rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Nov. 14, 2020.

The statistic anomalies and affidavits from witnesses who say there was voter fraud are cause enough for the average citizen to demand transparency, according to Petroski, and Americans want answers.

Petroski said the election system, with mail-in ballots, was flawed and doesn’t assure citizens in her state that every ballot counted was a legal one. She is disappointed in her state officials.

“We cannot have a voting season, we have to have an election day,” she said. “We cannot make it so big that you can vote two months ahead of time, and a week after.”

“Who’s voting? Where are they voting?” she said. “People will not trust what they’re seeing, and you cannot govern people, 73 million people who voted for President Trump will not be able to sit with this unless it’s shown to them that it was legitimate.”

“Not because we love this president but because the facts are not leading you there at this point,” she said. “If Joe Biden wants to be a leader, wants to be a president to heal, then he needs to be open to an audit.”

“Because I wouldn’t want to try to be president for four years with half the nation thinking I was not legitimately elected,” she said. “If he wants to be the healer he says he wants to be then he needs to be out front saying that, because what does he have to hide? If he legitimately won, what does he have to hide?”

Petroski says there is corruption and evil that Americans see in the censorship of information and illegal actions of state or federal officials.

“That has been in the undertow for a while in this country and I think that we are fighting that now. I think that President Trump made a lot of people aware of it; I don’t think it just started a week ago or a month ago, it’s been there for a long time and people are waking up. Whether you like or dislike this president more people are aware of what’s going on in this country, it is a battle between good and evil and that’s why we’re here, we want to be on the right side,” she said.

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