REPORT: Hispanic Voters In Florida Who Fled Dictatorships Think The Election Was Stolen From Trump

REPORT: Hispanic Voters In Florida Who Fled Dictatorships
Think The Election Was Stolen From Trump 1

If you fled to America from a country with history that included communist revolutions, don’t you think you’d have a heightened sense of the things that led to such events?

In Florida, there are many Hispanic voters who came to America from places like Cuba and Venezuela, and they think the 2020 election is being stolen.

Why do you suppose they feel that way?

Townhall reports:

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Hispanic Voters in Florida Feel Election Was Stolen from Trump

In Florida, many Hispanic voters are worried this election was stolen from Donald Trump. They’ve seen this before, hence why they fled places like Cuba and Venezuela. They’re also not too keen on the media censorship and bias during this race, either. Some interviewed by USA Today also said that they never feared communism becoming entrenched on America’s shores until this election year.

Margarita De Castro, who fled Cuba two years after Fidel Castro took over, has voted Republican ever since she arrived in the United States, citing her persecution by Cuban communists as one of the main reasons.

They point to this article from USA Today:

Latino voters who fled dictatorships fear election was stolen from President Trump

For many Americans, the idea of a presidential election devolving into a months-long battle for control of the nation may be unprecedented, but for many Latino supporters of President Donald Trump – many of whom escaped authoritarian regimes themselves – it raises old ghosts. There is no evidence of election fraud, but many fear covert socialists are in cahoots with the media in an attempt to rob a sitting U.S. president of power.

“People used to say Communism can’t happen in Cuba, and look how that turned out,” De Castro said on a recent afternoon as she played with her great-granddaughter in her home in West Miami, a working-class Cuban American enclave in South Florida where the majority of votes were cast for Trump.

“When you have national Democratic leaders praising Fidel Castro’s indoctrination programs and hailing neo-Marxists as ‘the future of the party,’ it communicated to our community that the Democratic Party does not respect our values,” said Giancarlo Sopo, a Cuban American communication strategist on the Trump campaign. “We simply voted accordingly, as did many other Latinos – like Colombians and Peruvians – who want nothing to do with socialism and the progressive agenda.”

Do you think these people are just crazy conspiracy theorists?

They lived this. It’s documented history. They’re not just making it up.

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