Rosanna Arquette Suggests the GOP Is the 'Nazi Party' After Liz Cheney Vote

Rosanna Arquette Suggests the GOP Is the 'Nazi Party' After
Liz Cheney Vote 1

Hollywood star Rosanna Arquette is once again attacking the Republican Party, comparing the GOP to Nazis following the House vote on to oust Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) from party leadership.

Rosanna Arquette tweeted Wednesday that the state of American politics is “Democrats vs nazi party.”

As Breitbart News reported, Republicans in the House of Representatives voted Wednesday to remove Rep. Cheney from her post as GOP conference chair, which is the No. 3 Republican in leadership in the House.

Cheney’s ouster comes after the neocon politician waged a war of words against former President Donald Trump, with some colleagues alleging she was pursuing her personal animus against Trump rather than serving the party or her constituents.

Rosanna Arquette has a history of using the word “Nazi” to smear people she doesn’t like.

The Desperately Seeking Susan actress tweeted last month that it was “clear” the “R” in Republican “stands for Racist.” In March, she claimed “Nazi white supremacists are many governors, people in Congress, our police,” the “military,” and even the “entertainment news” industry.

The actress has threatened to boycott Hyatt hotels for hosting what she called a “fascist Nazi convention” after a Hyatt in Orlando, Florida, hosted CPAC in March.

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