Satan Soldier Biden Rails Against Texas For “Making It Easy To Vote & Hard To Cheat”

Satan Soldier Biden Rails Against Texas For “Making It Easy
To Vote & Hard To Cheat” 1

According To Gov Abbott…

As I have noted in previous articles, HNW, this is the common mantra of the tyrants:

Biden,“Those that disagree with me are wrong because I will never allow them to prove they are right. Those that defend themselves against my attacks are evil because if they fight back they might harm me. Those that demand the truth do not understand how important my lies are to the stability of the world I have built for them. Why would I engage in battle when I can get others to fight my battles for me? When people are free, it means they are free to criticize or ignore me, so I must take away their freedom, so that they are made to revere me and recognize my importance. Morals are relative and principles are for suckers. The ends justify the means, and the greater good of the greater number is paramount – And as long as I am the one that determines what the definition of the “greater good” is, then I am the one that controls everything else.”

Texas Governor Abbott responded to President Biden’s remarks about the newest election bill in Texas in a video statement Tuesday.

Biden has a pattern of spreading misinformation & he’s at it again today.

The #txlege is passing a law that EXPANDS early voting hours & prevents mail-in ballot fraud.

Texas is making it EASIER to vote & harder to cheat.— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) July 13, 2021

This isn’t the first time the two have clashed, either.

“You might remember, President Biden called me a neanderthal for opening Texas 100 percent and no masks,” Abbott said.

“It turned out he was wrong. After that opening, Texas COVID numbers improved substantially.” It was a response to the Texas governor accusing Biden of “neanderthal thinking” over his handling of the border crisis.

“Now President Biden is calling Texas names again,” Abbott said.

“This time he’s chastising us for making it easy to vote but hard to cheat. And once again, President Biden ignores the facts. The fact is that Texas is passing a law that expands, not reduces the hours of early voting.”

Meanwhile, the president’s home state Delaware “has zero hours of early voting,” Abbott said.

“The Texas law also helps to prevent mail-in ballot fraud in Texas. That is an issue that both Republicans and Democrats agree on. It will uphold the integrity of our elections and ensure that Texans who do qualify to vote by mail will have the ability to do so. President Biden and the Democrats must stop the misinformation. Texas is, very simply, making it easier to vote and harder to cheat.

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SRH–If I am to be insulted, I must first value your opinion…

Luciferian Death Cult

Mr.Evil, a.k.a Dr.Death ( Dr.Fauci ) agrees with the White House and Biden himself,saying vaccination mandates should be the next step.

Who is to blame? Corrupt politicians or the stupid people who vote for them

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