Election Fraud

'This is a Reichstag moment': Gen. Milley compared Trump to Hitler over claims about election fraud, new book says

'This is a Reichstag moment': Gen. Milley compared Trump to
Hitler over claims about election fraud, new book says 1

The man that former President Donald Trump nominated to be the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in his administration later compared Trump to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler over his claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election, a new book says.

Gen. Mark Milley was blasted by Trump in June after a report claimed that the general had yelled at him during the widespread rioting in Washington, D.C., by anti-Trump protesters.

According to excerpts from the book, “I Alone Can Fix It” obtained by the New Yorker Magazine, Milley was warned by friend that Trump and his allies were trying to “overturn the government” after losing the election.

“They may try, but they’re not going to f***ing succeed,” Milley told his aides, according to the report.

“You can’t do this without the military,” he added. “You can’t do this without the CIA and the FBI. We’re the guys with guns.”

Milley then grew more and more alarmed at Trump’s behavior and statements, and compared the state of the country to that of Germany before Hitler tightened his grip on political power, the book said.

“This is a Reichstag moment,” he said.

The book went on to claim that Milley was “disgusted” with Trump’s speech before the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

“These guys are Nazis, they’re boogaloo boys, they’re Proud Boys. These are the same people we fought in World War II,” he is quoted as saying.

The book also says that Milley expressed his happiness and relief to former first lady Michelle Obama during Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration.

“No one has a bigger smile today than I do,” he said to Obama. “You can’t see it under my mask but I do.”

The account fits with an earlier report that Milley was angry with Trump for reportedly calling on him to order the military to quell the violence from Black Lives Matter supporters in Washington, D.C.

“This is totally fake news, it never ever happened. I’m not a fan of Gen. Milley, but I never had an argument with him and the whole thing is false. He never talked back to me,” said Trump about the report.

“If he had displayed such disrespect for his commander in chief, I would have fired him immediately,” Trump said later and called for Milley’s resignation.

“I Alone Can Fix It” is scheduled for release on July 20.

Here’s more about the feud between Trump and Milley:

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