Scottsdale School Board President Jann Michael Greenburg caught doxing parents who oppose jab, mask mandates at Arizona public schools

Scottsdale School Board President Jann Michael Greenburg
caught doxing parents who oppose jab, mask mandates at Arizona
public schools 1

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Concerned parents in Arizona are outraged after learning that the head of their local school board “accidentally” blasted out personal details he had collected on them for the world to see.

Jann Michael Greenburg, president of the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) Board in the Phoenix area, has apparently been quietly collecting private information about parents in his school district who oppose his draconian Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions for area schools.

Greenburg’s computer was found to contain an entire Google Drive file that local parents have since dubbed an “online dossier.” It contains all sorts of folders with names like “SUSD Wackos,” “Press Conference Psychos,” and “Anti Mask Lunatics.”

All of this was discovered after one local mother named Kim Stafford received an email from Greenburg accusing her of making “anti-Semitism” for comments she made against billionaire Jew George Soros. Greenburg also appears to be Jewish.

“Greenburg sent Stafford a screenshot of his desktop, which included a since-deleted Google Drive URL reviewed by the Daily Caller,” reported the Daily Caller. “The drive was available to anyone who had the link.”

Stafford shared the incriminating link with several of her friends, including fellow mother Amanda Wray who told the Daily Caller that she was “disgusted” with what she saw on Greenburg’s computer, which included pictures of her 8- and 10-year-old daughters.

In Greenburg’s “Press Conference Psychos” folder was a video of parents in the district holding up signs that said things like “CRT is Racist” and “SUSD We Demand Transparency.” CRT refers to critical race theory.

Jann Michael Greenburg is a creep

Greenburg’s dossier took specific aim at a concerned parents group called the “Community Advocacy Network” or CAN. CAN’s active Facebook page now has a folder filled with screenshots Greenburg collected of its members’ Facebook comments, photos of them with their husbands, and in some cases even their financial records.

One of Greenburg’s primary targets in this group is Wray, for whom he created a dedicated folder containing her credit deed of trust from Desert Financial Federal Credit Union, her mortgage, information about her Airbnb property and more pictures of her children.

Wray landed herself in Greenburg’s crosshairs back in January when she openly criticized him for “making a political rant during a school board meeting that’s supposed to be non-partisan.”

“I’m just a parent,” Wray says. “I’m not a public official.”

The reason there are so many upset parents in Scottsdale is because SUSD, under Greenburg’s leadership, has been imposing all kinds of Chinese Virus tyranny in a backhanded way without any transparency or input from parents.

Other strange and creepy contents on Greenburg’s Google Drive include a PDF file with the names and private information of all members and moderators of CAN’s Facebook group.

Portions of members’ social security numbers (SSNs) were included, along with photos and details about which parents support Donald Trump, and which ones have shared quotes from black conservative thinker Thomas Sowell. One parent’s divorce proceedings were found in Greenburg’s data trove.

One mother named Amy Carney who is planning to run for the SUSD school board in 2022 was also specifically targeted in Greenburg’s files. He apparently feels threatened by her possibly winning and overthrowing his dictates.

“Carney told the Daily Caller that while Greenburg had access to the Google Drive, most of the information was procured and posted by Greenburg’s father, Mark Greenburg,” reported the Daily Caller.

“The elder Greenburg is listed as the owner of the Google Drive, according to screenshots obtained by the Daily Caller.”

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