Socialist Dems Blame Pelosi’s Gourmet Ice Cream for Election Losses

Socialist Dems Blame Pelosi’s Gourmet Ice Cream for Election
Losses 1

Gourmet ice cream has exposed fractures in the Democratic Party’s precarious alliance between corporatists and radical socialists following the 2020 presidential election, Fox News reported.

Justice Democrats and the Sunrise Movement blamed the Democratic Party’s congressional losses on its coastal elitism, reflected in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s, D-Ca., pretentious display of her $12-a-pint Jeni’s ice cream in her $24,000 deep freezer.

These groups revealed their frustration with the party’s entrenched oligarchy in a memo.

“When Democratic leaders make unforced errors like showing off two sub-zero freezers full of ice cream on national television or cozy up with Wall Street executives and corporate lobbyists while Trump tells voters we are the party of the swamp, it is not surprising that we lose,” they wrote in a memo.

One of the key takeaways from the 2020 election is President Donald Trump’s ability to win over traditional Democratic voters, particularly from the working class.

These voters are often economically moderate to left-wing, but they strongly oppose anti-Americanism, outsourcing, open borders and cultural leftism.

The radical Democrats hope to retain this bloc, but the elitists in the party scare them away  with their embrace of globalism.

“Whatever moderates think of progressives like Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, it is clear they have forged a far more compelling economic message than what centrists like[Reps. Conor] Lamb or [Abigail] Spanberger have to offer,” the memo said.

At the same time, the corporatists and globalists in the Democratic Party are blaming the radical Democrats for scaring away working class voters with their embrace of identity politics and critical race theory.

“The economy was voters’ top concern in this election,” the memo said.

“We need a new generation of leadership grounded in a multiracial, working class experience and background.”

Despite the political posturing and intra-party infighting as the radical progressives aim to replace Pelosi in the upcoming contest for the House speakership, the two factions continue to have more in common that not.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, D-NY, the defacto leader and figurehead of the progressives,  recently drew criticism of her own for wearing a $14,000 outfit on the cover of Vanity Fair.

And, like Pelosi, “AOC” also has eaten ice cream (Ben & Jerrys) during an appearance on a late-night comedy show (Stephen Colbert).

The frozen dairy treat may take on an even more important role in reuniting the Left if Democrat nominee Joe Biden is elected as the next president.

Ice cream figured prominently into mainstream media’s coverage in the leadup to the Nov. 3 election, with the former vice president signaling that he would choose either chocolate or vanilla.

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