State School Board Associations in Montana, South Carolina, and Wisconsin Withdraw from the National School Boards Association

State School Board Associations in Montana, South Carolina,
and Wisconsin Withdraw from the National School Boards
Association 1

Across the nation, state school boards associations are withdrawing left and right from the National School Boards Association.

These moves have been spurred by the NSBA’s decision to send a letter to the federal government requesting for an intervention against concerned parents who have protested many public schools’ controversial curricula and social policies. The NSBA and its allies in the corporate press have labeled angry parents who protest school policies as “domestic terrorists” in a desperate attempt to discredit these movements. 

State School Board Associations in Montana, South Carolina,
and Wisconsin Withdraw from the National School Boards
Association 2

So it’s a small surprise why state school board associations in Montana, South Carolina, and Wisconsin over the past week.

On November 1, 2021, 35 elected officials in South Carolina signed a letter calling on the state NSBA to withdraw from its national parent organization. The South Carolina chapter called out the national organization for the letter, which was drawn up with the help of the Biden administration. While the NSBA apologized for its harsh tone, it still has not made efforts to rectify the deleterious effects of the letter, a view that the South Carolina School Boards Association leadership holds. 

“Over the past few weeks, SCSBA leadership has carefully monitored NSBA’s actions, advocating and watching for a clear path forward and affirmative steps to address the damage done in relation to NSBA’s September 29 letter to President Joe Biden,” SCSBA President Cheryl Burgess declared in a letter. “NSBA has taken few steps to mitigate the negative impact of the letter on many states including South Carolina. On the whole, the Board felt it was in the best interest of SCSBA’s membership to sever ties with NSBA at once.”

The Montana School Boards Association is expected to leave the NSBA in July 2022. The Montana organization explained its reasoning for leaving the NSBA on the grounds that the use of federal assets against parents who criticized school curriculum and policies represented an egregious overreach of power. “The final straw was a letter written by the interim CEO and NSBA president in September asking President Joe Biden for federal law enforcement assistance to deal with threats of violence and intimidation over COVID-19 requirements at schools,” the Montana School Boards Association declared in a statement.

In an email notice that the Wisconsin Association of School Boards sent to its members on November 9, it revealed that its board of directors voted on November 5 to break ties with the NSBA.

“The board did not take this action lightly,” the WASB proclaimed. “Unfortunately, the NSBA needlessly caused substantial controversy this fall, which has negatively impacted relationships among school boards, parents and community members.”

“Those actions do not align with WASB policies and programs nor its mission to support, promote and advance public education,” the email added.

Attorney General Merrick Garland used the NSBA letter as a pretext to send the FBI to harass parents who protested at school board meetings against critical race theory, generalized leftist indoctrination in the classroom, and other leftist social experiments.

NSBA officers penned the letter without receiving input or informing its state organizations, prompting pushback from at least 23 states that have maintained their distance from the national organization. 7 of those states have completely broken ties with the NSBA because of the controversial “domestic terrorism” letter it disseminated.

Education tension will continue as the Left doubles down its efforts to fully politicize the classroom. This will present a host of opportunities for the Right to take advantage of and use for the purpose of promoting alternative models of schooling that put students’ interests first. 

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