The Battle For Virginia Is Far From Over — And The Hardest Fighting’s Still Ahead

The Battle For Virginia Is Far From Over — And The Hardest
Fighting’s Still Ahead 1

Watch the video for a monologue, followed by an interview with Russ Vought, former OMB director and current president of the Center for Renewing America, and Shaun Rieley, senior director for advancement and programs at The American Conservative, a doctor of political philosophy, and combat veteran of the War on Terror.

Tuesday was one heck of a night in Virginia. After two years of hard and heavy news, we saw a little light.

It was a fun night for a lot of us. Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe went from a sure thing to the Hillary Clinton of 2021 — the man who had a layup of a race and choked. But along with all the good news there was some truly grisly stuff as well.

It was the kind of thing that reminds us why education is so important, why Tuesday’s vote was just a step in the right direction — and why the fight to save the children of Virginia is far from over

After the obligatory applause for his family and campaign staff — whom he hysterically dubbed the finest campaign team ever assembled — human scumbag Terry McAuliffe told his crowd of acolytes what was most important to him; what was first in his heart. “The fight continues,” he promised. “We gotta make sure to protect women’s right to choose in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

“Choose.” We all know what that means. They aren’t choosing their schools or what’s taught in them; Terry hates those ideas. He’s not talking about choosing what to wear or what to eat or what to watch on TV. No — there’s only one choice Terry cares about, and that’s the “right” to “choose” an abortion.

For those who don’t know, Virginia has a more obscene abortion regime than every single country on the planet aside from North Korea and China. For the left, defending that regime is all important. It’s the beating heart of the Democratic Party, if you will.

Sure, later on McAuliffe mentioned health care and education, but he wasn’t going in alphabetical order. In his heart, abortion is number one — just ahead of his family and far, far ahead of God.

15 Years of Catholic Education, For This Herod

There’s a truly sad aspect of this ghoulish spectacle: McAuliffe is a product of Catholic education. Seriously: Catholic junior high, Catholic high school, undergrad at the Catholic University of America, then law at Georgetown, the oldest ostensibly Catholic institute of higher learning in the United States.

What did he get for all that? He got this: A first-and-foremost devotion to abortion and selfish, libertine political values.

Fifteen years of Catholic education, plus wherever he went to elementary school, and did we get a champion for Christ? A defender of the innocent? Far from it. We got a Herod-like figure, more a child of the Democratic Party and his selfish political ambitions than of the church.

He’s not alone: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, President of the United States Joe Biden — the church’s most famous and powerful children are all radically pro-abortion.

That’s a colossal failure. It’s kind of thing you get when you receive a religious education that is twisted until it is purely academic, and Jesus Christ is relegated to a feel-good rainbow in the sky.

Evil lurks in us all. Even with a proper education and a good family, it’s possible to go bad. But the lesson of Biden, Pelosi, and McAuliffe is when you don’t get that base — when you aren’t properly taught how to be good with a firm and solid education — well, it’s only a matter of time.

An Education in Hating What’s Good

Now, for a moment, imagine an education that isn’t just wishy washy, but actively — actively — teaches you to hate; actively rejects God’s creation of man and woman; and actively attacks the truth that no matter what color our skin is on earth, in death we are all one body in Christ. Imagine the products of that education. It’s terrible to picture.

That brings us to the very reason for Tuesday’s red sweep of Virginia, a blue state: The active indoctrination of children by teachers devoted to lies and to race hate. It was more than that — more uplifting than that, more beautiful than that, more powerful than that — parents of all ethnic backgrounds, economic situations, and political stripes uniting to say hell no.

Together, they deposed the Democratic majority that imposed this awful regime and replaced it with a Republican majority. Isn’t that wonderful, you might be thinking! But what’s next?

Here’s what’s next: Hard, vicious work that is not for the faint of heart. This isn’t the kind of thing where you win a single big battle and it’s all over, like in the movies. It’s more like a grinding counter-insurgency.

Enemies Control the Commanding Heights

We’re up against teachers and principals and librarians fanatically committed to genderqueer studies and “anti-racism” in our classrooms; an army of psychologically fragile extremists who weren’t unelected Tuesday night, still have their jobs, and will be recording social media sob stories and imitating Gandhi as they lay their bodies across classroom thresholds and screech and writhe on live television.

Our enemies are well-funded — and they’ll be even more well-funded after Tuesday’s debacle. The victimizers of children will paint themselves as the victims of mean Republicans; they’ll fancy themselves “the resistance,” as we well know.

Every single fight they wage will be sympathetically blasted across CNN and MSNBC. The New York Times will movingly tell the story of a young woman from a broken home whose only dream was to grow up, become a librarian, and share her love of reading incestuous gay pornography with the little children; a woman whose dream was stolen by bigoted Ku Klux Parents.

Then there’s the lawyers: Not just hundreds of lawyers from rich progressive non-profits, but also the Department of Justice, with unlimited time and the full resources of the federal government. Do you think they’re going to sit by and watch Virginian parents just decide they’re going to have a say in their children’s education?

Celebrate, Then Get the Heck to Work

Let’s not get too down; Tuesday was wonderful. The first step was taken when parents woke up, the next when parents spoke up, and the third, last week, when they fired politicians across the state and replaced them with Republicans.

Republicans aren’t often quick to fight. For far too many, a majority is a trophy to be gingerly placed in a glass, back-lit cabinet and ooo’d and aww’d at until it turns to dust. Precious few Republicans see a majority for what it is: an invitation from the people to exercise power in their name.

The battle ahead will be hard. There is no time to pack up and go home. Glenn Youngkin, good man as he seems to be, is not a stand-in for active and engaged parents. If they leave the field, he will not succeed. If they stay and insist that he hold fast to the principles he ran on, then he has a chance.

The grassroots organizations and school board campaigns must continue. You don’t seize a castle, turn to your leader and say, “Alright, bloke, we’ve done our part and now we’re headed home. You’ve got it from here.”

No; we need to finish the fight — and win the war. We need good teachers — and there are a great many — who are sick of this insanity. We need protections in place to allow them to speak up. We need the state of Virginia to protect them from the vipers who surround them and want them crushed.

We need the school boards opened up. For months, these boards have used the police as a weapon against parents; it’s time to free the police from this role and reestablish the First Amendment in Virginia.

We need to identify the superintendents and principals and teachers and librarians who insist on teaching hate and pornography, and make sure they are fired with prejudice; damn The New York Times.

Climb Back Up the Hill, Don’t Just Slow the Freefall

For too long, the norm has been that Democrats create new programs while in power, and then Republicans just try to not expand them too much or too quickly. Scuttle that strategy forever. A bad program is always bad, and they should be defunded immediately when we have power.

Thousands of activist monsters take state and federal money to warp our children. They need to be thrown out in the cold. LGlenn Youngkin, good man as he seems to be, is not a stand-in for active and engaged parents. If they leave the field, he will not succeed. eave them penniless; they deserve even less.

The people we’re up against are the creatures who twisted little ol’ rural Loudoun County into a bastion of insanity in a few short years — and that’s just one county. There are more than 3,000 counties in this country, and they want to pull a Loudoun in every single one of them.

We need to think like they did to take it back: We’ve got to think like revolutionaries.

Make no mistake: The left brought this fight to our doors. In Virginia on Tuesday, parents answered their challenge. But there’s a reason we don’t call it the Culture Vote — and that’s because it’s the Culture War.

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