The Morning Briefing: GOP Diversity Ticket Trounces Racist CRT Dems In Virginia

The Morning Briefing: GOP Diversity Ticket Trounces Racist
CRT Dems In Virginia 1

Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Having beer and doughnuts when we arrive is my baseline for considering any space aliens we encounter as “intelligent life.”

Champagne hangover, anyone?

OK, I don’t have one but that’s only because I never keep any champagne around the house. There’s a habit I need to break. Last night was the first time in a few years that I felt like popping the old cork on an election night. It felt even better because I didn’t think it could happen. Just last week, I wrote that I didn’t think that Virginia Republicans could pull this off.

On occasion, I am quite happy to be wrong about something.

A.J. put it well:

Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin was fond of claiming on the campaign trail that he would end Terry McAuliffe’s 43-year political career. He did so Tuesday night in emphatic fashion, after McAuliffe ran a tone-deaf, smug campaign in a blue state.

It’s that smugness of McAuliffe’s that I’ve always found so off-putting. He’s the kind of singular non-talent who could only rise to any heights in politics, which rewards mediocrity like no other profession, especially on the Democrats’ side of the aisle.

As A.J notes, McAuliffe’s career is due largely to having been one of the awful hangers-on in the Clinton orbit. His loss is sure to send Granny Maojackets deeper into her box of breakfast Franzia today.

The election in Virginia was a very, very big deal for more than just the fact that Republicans have been an afterthought there for more than a decade. This is from Chris’s update post last night:

To the surprise of absolutely no one who’s been paying attention to the execrable members of the mainstream media, their response to this momentous occasion was to say that the Republicans won because of racism.

They’re not only evil, but they’re also lazy too.

As we have discussed on many occasions, the Democrats and their media mouthpieces are truly broken people. They were barely tethered to reality when Trump became the Republican nominee in 2016. His victory ripped them from any moorings they had. Now incapable of rational thought, all they can do is reflexively belch “Racism!” whenever bested by a Republican. They’ve got nothing else, which is why that’s all they’ve got in response to the Virginia results, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

They’re still lying about critical race theory, which is just going to keep making them dig deeper holes for themselves. There were stories about anti-CRT conservatives taking over school boards, like this one in Texas. Of course, NBC News spun that as the victors being anti-diversity. The biggest of the lies about CRT is that it’s “anti-racist,” which it is not. It’s racist, it’s commie, and it’s all about fomenting division.

It wasn’t just CRT that was on the ballot in Virginia last night, it was also a referendum on what the drooling idiot usurper in the Oval Office has done to the country since January. The media won’t dwell on that, though, they’re still tasked with carrying all of the water for President LOL Eightyonemillion.

I’ve been writing and saying for months that the egregious overreach by the Democrats would be their undoing. This is the first electoral manifestation of that.

So I’ll be bringing that up again. I get over being wrong once in a while by relishing a good “I told you so” whenever I can.

Congratulations, Virginia. Your commonwealth remains American for a while longer.

I’m off to see if any liberals think I’m a racist.

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