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Trump Lawyer: 130,000 Cases of Voter Fraud in Nevada

Trump Lawyer: 130,000 Cases of Voter Fraud in Nevada 1

In a Senate hearing on Wednesday, a Trump campaign lawyer said there needs to be a verifiable system to make sure the reported election results come from actual voters.

“Because that’s, that is where democracy breaks down. That is really the fear that we have of losing democracy is when it’s not the people’s votes that are being counted, but fraud that’s being counted. And we can’t just pretend that the emperor has any clothes when, when if he doesn’t. We can’t pretend that we have a clean election when there’s evidence to the contrary. And the way that we get that is through transparency. And we were denied that in Nevada at every single turn,”  said Jesse Binnall, lead counsel for the Trump campaign in Nevada

Binnall said they found at least 130,000 cases of voter fraud in Nevada by checking voter information with publicly available records.

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