Vaccine passport legislation gets shut down in California as disgraced governor Newsom faces recall

Vaccine passport legislation gets shut down in California as
disgraced governor Newsom faces recall 1

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Democratic lawmakers in the state of California have been working on a bill that strips individuals of their body autonomy rights and threatens their civil liberties across every aspect of society.

Traitors to their country, these California Democrats want to establish a vaccine passport system that violates the medical privacy of all, while segregating individuals who do not comply with the bondage of covid-19 mandates and the misery of never-ending inoculations and subsequent hospital visits.

California Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, a Democrat from Oakland, has backed down from introducing a new vaccine passport system into Assembly Bill 455, after the bill’s language was leaked to the people in late August. The bill is widely unpopular with people from all political parties.

Tyrannical system of medical discrimination and segregation gets shut down, for now

These miserable purveyors of medical tyranny are now abandoning their evil and discriminatory plans after the citizens of California spoke up and demanded FREEDOM.

The disgraced Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, supports vaccine mandates and wants to install these vaccine passports across the public and private sector. Newsom has been “quietly watching and providing technical assistance” to the lawmakers behind the tyrannical legislation. He currently faces a historic recall election, as the people of California fight back against medical tyranny.

With the anti-American vaccine passport legislation falling flat, the Governor could try to impose a statewide vaccine mandate. Newsom is set to deliver this unconstitutional order after the recall election, if he survives it. California Democrats backed off on the vaccine passport system temporarily because of growing backlash that could “hurt Newsom’s chances of beating back a possible recall.” Buffy Wicks intends to introduce the vaccine passport system again in January and wants the “the strongest bill possible” to force vaccines on everyone.

Any law repugnant to the Constitution is null and void

The bill in question demands universal bodily subservience to the government of California and the vaccine industry that currently controls it. From a scientific perspective, the bill disregards natural immunity and its superior role in establishing herd immunity. The bill also disregards the holistic strategies and medical treatments that improve the survival rate. Instead, the bill demands that all individuals submit to deadly and disabling medical experimentation in the form of covid-19 clot shots and weakened immunity. The bill intimidates all public and private sector workers to submit their bloodline to a never-ending list of inoculations, medical testing, mask wearing and any other public health dictates that are levied against people in the future.

If the legislature and the governor give this system statutory power, then the people of California would be pressured to show proof that they are injected with spike proteins multiple times in order to enter any business. This system would create a two-tiered society, where the healthy and immune would be segregated and punished while the  vaccine subservient would go on in their misery, sickly, weakened, hospitalized and seeking permission from false authorities to exercise basic civil liberties.

Anyone who goes about their life normally, who doesn’t roll over to “slave papers,” will be threatened to prove their innocence with weekly or daily DNA swabs (covid tests). This level of medical coercion strips individuals of Constitutionally-protected due process rights. This covid-19 testing requirement falsely accuses healthy people of imaginary crimes they did not commit, punishing the unvaccinated, the non-infected and the immune. Under this medical tyranny, individuals are no longer innocent until proven guilty — an American principle that is under constant threat now. Under the vaccine passport system, everyone deemed “unvaccinated” is guilty of spreading infections they do not have and are forced to use routine, fraudulently-calibrated tests that were designed to deprive people of their rights and hold people captive to medical tyranny.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how many people vote in a poll or in a legislature to violate life, liberty, personal property, religion, due process or privacy of the individual. America is a Constitutional Republic that guarantees these basic rights to individuals. Vaccine Passports, coercive testing, forced masking and mandatory vaccine policies are dead upon arrival. Any law repugnant to the Constitution is null and void.

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