VICTORY: Pennsylvania court throws out school mask mandate

VICTORY: Pennsylvania court throws out school mask
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(Natural News) An effort by Pennsylvania Acting Health Secretary and Branch Covidian Alison Beam to force all public school students in the Commonwealth to wear a mask all day long has been struck down by a state court judge.

Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon ruled that Beam’s mask fetish was unlawfully pushed on students without proper review or approval. It was also done in violation of a constitutional amendment passed by Pennsylvania voters that limits the executive branch’s authority during a state of emergency.

Leftists like Beam love to claim that they support “democracy” when it suits their own agenda. But in this case, democracy did not accomplish what Beam personally wanted so she simply tried to override the will of Pennsylvania voters like some kind of petty dictator.

In her decision, Cannon wrote that Pennsylvania law does not give health secretaries like Beam “the blanket authority to create new rules and regulations out of whole cloth, provided they are related in some way to the control of disease or can otherwise be characterized as disease control measures.”

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Cannon also made it clear that she has “no opinion regarding the science or efficacy of mask-wearing or the politics underlying the considerable controversy the subject continues to engender” so that none of the Branch Covidians could accuse her of taking a political side against “science.”

Mask tyrants like Alison Beam need to go

The Commonwealth Court as a whole, it turns out, sided 4-1 with the ranking Republican in the state Senate, as well as numerous others, who banded together to sue the state for Beam’s unlawful mandate, which fictitiously took effect back in early September.

It would seem as though the only people in favor of trampling democracy are public school “educators” and board members who feel as though their own personal opinions on “covid” can simply be decreed on a whim as it personally suits them.

This is not how things work, though – or at least it is not how things are supposed to work. Every single Alison Beam out there must be challenged and challenged hard or else they will continue to turn our country into a Fauci Flu dictatorship.

The Alison Beams of the world will also continue to tyrannize our children as long as we let them. If we give them an inch, they will absolutely take a mile and them some, which is why they all need to be cut off from power immediately and permanently.

In a statement, state Rep. Jesse Topper warned that Beam’s agenda is “an end-around (to) the constitutional amendment passed by the people, limiting the executive branch’s authority during a state of emergency.”

“[This is] about the idea of imposing a mandate like this on a healthy population of children outside any of the regulatory process that you would normally have to go through, or any of the legislative process you would normally have to go through.”

Politicians, celebrities and other “elites,” meanwhile, continue to throw awards ceremonies, dinner parties and other large events at which they are routinely seen not wearing a mask or social distancing.

“The masking of children is a form of child abuse,” wrote one Citizen Free Press commenter. “Interfering with a child’s breathing is a form of child abuse. This must stop now.”

“Time to throw the people out who demand the mandates,” wrote another.

Many, many others said similar things about how tyrants like Beam have got to go if our country has even the slightest chance of ever again returning back to something that even just resembles normal.

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Article by Ethan Huff

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