California high school teacher under investigation after calling conservatives ‘complete idiots’ in history quiz

California high school teacher under investigation after
calling conservatives ‘complete idiots’ in history quiz 1

ROCKLIN, CA – Parents reached out to a local high school when they learned that one of their teachers had allegedly authored a quiz in which seemingly mocked those with Republican and/or conservative values.

Once the school learned of this issue, they opened an investigation into the claim.

Parents of students at Whitney High School were floored when they saw what appears to be a quiz that was allegedly authored by a social science teacher that, at the very least, made fun of Republicans and conservatives.

The quiz asked a simple question, to identify a “group of idiots.”

The choices? The KKK, all of Florida, Fox News, or Texans.

One of the parents, Jessa Krissovich, allegedly shared a copy of that quiz on social media. Krissovich told Fox40 that she thought the quiz “sounded unbelievable”. She said:

“We all have different beliefs. This is the United States and we all come from different backgrounds and everybody should be okay with who they are. These stories have gone in one ear and out the other. It sounded unbelievable.”

Another parent who took issue with the quiz, who is unnamed, claimed that the teacher in question has had issues in the past with pushing his political beliefs onto the students.

She said that his beliefs are often against the Republican party, which is evident if he is the person who authored the quiz.

She said:

“The question on the test is really blatant obviously and that’s out there. This has been the first time it has been looked at of him crossing the line.”

The principal of Whitney High, Justin Cutts, sent a letter home to parents, which in part read:

“The purpose of this message is to alert you to a class assignment that has caused concern among the WHS community…On Thursday, November 4, 2021, a quiz was assigned to students by a social science teacher. However, students, families, and the Rocklin community have raised concern about the class assignment…

“Whitney High and Rockline Unified is committed to providing each student, family, and staff with a safe and welcoming environment. While personnel matters will remain confidential, appropriate disciplinary steps will be taken.”

While some people allege that the unnamed teacher who allegedly created this quiz did so to push his political beliefs onto his students, others choose to believe that it was done only as a joke. One person, a former student of the accused teacher, Joel Alquicira, said:

“I understand he’s just trying to make a joke, but that kind of stuff shouldn’t be on a test. He was always like a funny kind of teacher. He would always make jokes.”

While the school refuses to name the teacher, a petition calling for his firing wasn’t afraid to.

The petition reads:

Mr. Daniel Parker should be removed from his teaching position at Whitney High School in Rocklin, CA. Mr. Parker has polarized his classroom, by bringing in personal politics into the academic environment.

He has worked to polarize his students, alienating his “Conservative” students in what should be a politically neutral, safe space. As an alumni of Whitney High School, I only want to see the best for the students, staff, and school as a whole.

It frustrates me seeing someone in leadership abuse their power. I do not wish any ill-will towards Mr. Parker and his family, but actions like this should not be tolerated on campus.

If the situation was inverse, and the teacher was alienating his liberal leaning students, I would still condone the behavior. 

A commenter on the petition left behind an interesting note calling out what appears to be the school’s hypocrisy:

What a double standard when Julianne Benzel was placed on administrative leave for standing up for free speech and here this teacher only needs to send an “apology”! Set the bar higher RUSD

Regardless of the reason behind the creation of the question, it certainly was not a wise move in any political atmosphere.

Thankfully for the teacher, in this case, the question was, again, at best a jab at Republicans which does not make the mainstream news cycles.

However, if the jab was at Democrats or all of California, would there be outrage that be plastered across all social media and news outlets across the country? Would there be questions as to how intolerant the Republican party is or would there be silence?

Maybe the story was buried underneath other articles of varying importance. Maybe, somehow the mainstream media missed the quiz on social media or reported on other news sites.

Or maybe it is because the mainstream media finds it acceptable to, at the very least, poke fun at members of the Republican party. After all, they find those people to be a group of, well, idiots.

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‘Game on’: Teacher forced to quit after being at Jan. 6 protest elected to seat on district’s school board

BRAINTREE, MA- Matthew Lynch, who was forced to resign from his job as a teacher in Braintree, Massachusetts after photos showed him at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 has gained his revenge, winning a seat on the district’s school board, according to Gateway Pundit.

Lynch resigned from his position in February after he had worked for the school district for approximately ten years.

According to the Braintree Patch, Lynch was basically the victim of a social media witch hunt:

“Lynch accused those who shared the picture and FBI information of ‘slandering me as a domestic terrorist.’ He called the group a ‘digital lynch mob’ who ‘decided they would take justice into their own hands.”

After the photos went public, Lynch was visited by the FBI after the Twitter mob called an FBI tip line after his photo in DC went public.

Lynch, a military veteran expressed concerns about the direction the nation was going in his resignation letter to the school.

“My military experience as an Intelligence Analyst has given me unique perspective on what is currently going on in both our country and our town and I fear we are heading on a real collision course,” Lynch said in his letter.

“I feel I need to make my voice heard in the town of Braintree but in doing so will have unintended side effects which will be completely unfair to my students.”

Lynch told the Patch he believes in the Braintree schools and also believes they are “worth fighting for.”

“There is a revolution in education going on right now. More and more kids will be leaving public schools for private, Catholic, or homeschooling, which will have a negative effect on Braintree’s schools. I love Braintree Schools and I believe they are worth fighting for, so we have to show parents why Braintree Schools is the place for their children.”

Lynch told The Patriot Ledger that he hopes to get “decision-making back with parents and away from the state” where it concerns schools.

He also noted that policies implemented ostensibly to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are preventing students from making up learning lost during the pandemic.

Before the vote, Lynch said he was concerned about the mental health of students forced into isolation by COVID lockdowns last year.

“The state locked our kids out of school, put them in a losing posture with remote learning, and caused trauma at levels we don’t even know about yet,” he told Patch for their candidate profile series.

Meanwhile, Newsweek reported Lynch told the Braintree Patch he had been questioned by the FBI, however wouldn’t confirm whether or not he was under investigation for anything.

The FBI said they “couldn’t confirm or deny” if Lynch was in fact investigated or if he had been one who entered the Capitol.

“Good luck with your article; hope you don’t print false information,” Lynch was quoted as telling the Patch.

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