WATCH: California Man Defends Home from Armed Thug in Shootout

WATCH: California Man Defends Home from Armed Thug in
Shootout 1

If I didn’t have a gun, this guy could have hurt us really bad.

A Hesperia, California man’s account of defending his home from an armed attempted burglar has many firearms enthusiasts pointing to the incident as textbook case for gun rights.

The homeowner, David Uresti, has released home surveillance camera footage of the chilling attempted home invasion, which took place in the early morning of January 18th. A man-who the homeowner says he’s never met in his life- arrives at the door, and begins acting erratically.

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He came to my house it looks like 3-4 times and the fourth time he starts kicking the door and demands to be let in. Wakes up my wife, wakes me up, I run to the front door to see who it is,” stated the homeowner. “I see him pull out a gun, at that point I back up go back to my room I get armed, I come back to the front.

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As the home invader begins brandishing his own gun, the homeowner opens fire. A shootout between the two men ensures, captured entirely on camera.

The home invader either suffered a gunshot wound from Uresti, or pissed his pants at one point.

Photojournalist JGKIX documented the homeowner’s account of the entire event, and included the surveillance camera footage of the shootout.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the shootout after the suspect had fled the scene, viewing him entering a neighbor’s house. After determining that the home invasion suspect had fled that residence, a search ultimately ended in the apprehension of 39-year old Erick Contreras.

Contreras is being charged with shooting into an inhabited dwelling, attempted murder, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and attempted robbery.

I’m really pro-guns now. Defend your family. Defend your home. We could be dead right now,” stated the armed citizen, who may have prevented a violent crime from being inflicted upon his family through firing back.

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