WATCH: Melee Breaks Out in California Between Antifa and Anti-Vaccine-Mandate Protesters

WATCH: Melee Breaks Out in California Between Antifa and
Anti-Vaccine-Mandate Protesters 1

Video from Los Angeles shows a brawl breaking out between Antifa and people reported to be anti-mask protesters. At least one person appears to have been stabbed during the melee. It is not clear what side that person was on.

A video tweeted by Los Angeles videographer Sean Carmitchel shows Antifa members dressed in black bloc violently attacking people who reportedly gathered on Saturday to protest mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports. Multiple fights lasted several minutes.

Carmitchel reported that multiple weapons were used in the fights, and people assaulted members of the press while attempting to steal cameras.

Fox 11 in Los Angeles reported that several people gathered to protest the issue of mandatory vaccinations for the coronavirus. The group organized a “choose freedom march to protest “medical tyranny, mandatory vaccinations, and vaccine passports,” the local Fox affiliate stated.

A tweet from the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the violence and that one man was stabbed. Police said they made no arrests.

The City of Los Angeles is reportedly in the process of developing an ordinance requiring proof of at least a partial vaccination to enter some public places. Those include restaurants, bars, gyms, concert venues, movie theaters, and retail establishments, Fox 11 added.

Police eventually re-established order and separated the groups on opposite sides of the street.

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