What border crisis? Border Patrol rescues migrants in California after smugglers abandoned them

What border crisis? Border Patrol rescues migrants in
California after smugglers abandoned them 1

CALIFORNIA– As Law Enforcement Today has continuously reported, the influx of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border into the United States is a repeat problem. 

Outside of the fact that it is illegal to cross the border in an undocumented fashion, many of those attempting to gain entry into the United States without proper documentation endure grueling conditions and treatment while attempting to do so. 

One of those situations recently happened in Southern California, when Border Patrol agents reportedly rescued migrants after they were abandoned by the people attempting to smuggle them across the border.

The migrants were found in near-freezing conditions, with a juvenile among them. 

On Tuesday night, February 16th, Mexican government officials notified El Centro Sector Border Patrol Foreign Operations Branch agents that a group of migrants, who allegedly entered the United States illegally, were abandoned by their human smugglers on Otay Mountain while they slept. 

Officials stated that the smugglers abandoned the migrants in near-freezing temperatures. Additionally, the migrants faced high winds and a lack of food and water.

Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue (BORSTAR) agents responded to the call and began a search and rescue operation. After nearly three hours of searching on foot through the mountainous region, the BORSTAR team located the group of migrants, Breitbart reported.

When agents evaluated the migrants, it was determined that they were in fair health with the ability to walk about on their own. The migrants were identified as Mexican immigrants, with two of them being adult males, and one a 15-year-old unaccompanied minor. 

The immigrants were provided hand-warmers and warm fluids by the agents, and then were taken to a nearby Border Patrol station for processing. 

Chief Patrol Agent Aaron M. Heitke, said:

“Regardless of harsh weather conditions, our agents continue saving lives,” 

He went on to say:

“I am very proud of their efforts.”

Breitbart reported that earlier on Tuesday evening, El Centro Station agents apprehended another group of migrants in the Jacumba Wilderness mountain region.

The agents began evaluating the migrants and observed a female had difficulty standing and answering questions. The agent called for BORSTAR to provide medical assistance.

The woman was found to have a weak pulse by BORSTAR agents who began administering intravenous fluids. Once her condition improved, BORSTAR agents extracted her from the mountains.

Agents took the remaining migrants on a three hour walk in the dark to Interstate 8, officials stated.

El Centro officials said:

“The illegal aliens were evaluated once more and cleared to be transported,” 

They went on to say:

“The subjects stated they required no medical attention and were then transported to the El Centro Sector immigration rally point where they were expelled back to Mexico.”

The agents expelled the migrants to Mexico under Title 42 coronavirus protection protocols put in place under the Trump administration by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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WASHINGTON, DC – A former Department of Homeland Security official, and now a senior lecturer for Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, recently wrote a piece for The Atlantic suggesting that the United States could see as many as 1 million migrants trying to make their way through the border in 2021. 

In an article titled “The Border Mess That Trump Left Behind”, Juliette Kayyem extrapolated the January, 2021 CBP data to come to the conclusion that the southern border could see as mush as – or even more – than a million immigrants trying to enter the country: 

“Customs and Border Protection reported nearly 78,000 “encounters” in January at the southwest border—that is, 78,000 apprehensions or deportations of would-be immigrants.

That’s nearly double the figure for the same month last year and the highest for January in a decade. If the current pattern holds, the U.S. is on track for more than 1 million encounters in 2021.”

The recurring theme present within Kayyem’s article, outside of admonishing President Trump’s effort with the southern border during his time in office, is that President Biden may encounter some difficulties while balancing Democratic talking points during the 2020 election season and the stances of most Americans: 

“Many Democratic candidates during the 2020 presidential-primary season supported decriminalization of unlawful border crossings, and activists and officials on the party’s progressive flank support the outright abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

“Both positions, however, are unpopular among an American public that generally supports immigration.”

“Perhaps not coincidentally, the candidate who won the Democratic nomination and the presidency took more moderate stances.

Now Biden has the tricky problem of squaring his own sense of empathy and the expectations of his party’s base with the duty to protect America’s borders under existing laws.”

While acknowledging all of the aforementioned, Kayyem doesn’t really launch into the reasons as to why many Americans are apprehensive about wantonly opening up the borders, decriminalizing illegal crossings, and abolishing ICE. 

Instead, she latches onto the idea that the problem is that America’s immigration policies are just old fashioned and too restrictive, and that the country needs more resources allocated to hear out immigration cases: 

“The nation’s existing laws are outmoded and overly restrictive, the United States hasn’t devoted the resources necessary to review individual cases, and the Biden administration has little control over when migrants will arrive at the border and seek entry.”

Kayyem carries on this notion that President Biden needs to “buy time” in order to maintain the border during the pandemic and devise a strategy to also process asylum claims simultaneously. 

Keep in mind though, Kayyem doesn’t offer any possible solutions to the issue, she merely says that President Biden needs to “handle those who do arrive at the border.”

Neil Munro from Breitbart News has a theory as to why Kayyem seems so vested in President Biden striking that balance. From what Munro takes from Kayyem’s position, he believes she’s concerned that botching the situation at the border could affect the moving forward of President Biden’s amnesty efforts: 

“[Kayyem ‘s] concern seems to be that the flood of migrants will prompt American voters to step in and reassert control of the border which has now been delegated to Biden’s team of ethnic advocacy groups, open-borders progressives, and corporate allies.”

“That intervention would be bad for Harvard because it would likely derail Biden’s amnesty bill — a bill includes a massive giveaway to the elite university sector.”

“The Biden bill, if passed, would effectively allow Harvard and other universities to recruit fee-paying foreign students by offering an unlimited number of work permits — complete with a 15-year “path to citizenship.”

Seeing that Kayyem happens to be a lecturer at Harvard, it’s not that far of a stretch to deduce that she’d adopt positions that could behoove her employer and, therefore, behoove her

But whether that is the case or not is pure speculation. 

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