Young Not Stupid: Scathing Ads Go for Newsom's Throat as California Voters Wake Up

Young Not Stupid: Scathing Ads Go for Newsom's Throat as
California Voters Wake Up 1

The following is an installment in a weekly series of commentary articles by Cameron Arcand, founder of the conservative commentary website Young Not Stupid and a contributor to The Western Journal.

The long-awaited election to decide whether or not to remove Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom from office is less than two weeks away, but some voters are already beginning to cast their ballots through the mail.

Newsom has been hosting rallies to drum up support, and the top contenders to replace him have been taking aim at the governor — and, in some cases, each other.

Political messaging is playing a major role in the recall, with outside groups releasing scathing ads attacking the infamous French Laundry patron.

The PAC Californians United produced a series of ads “thanking” Newsom for the policies he and his Democratic cohorts have implemented in the Golden State.


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The first clip highlights Newsom’s hypocrisy throughout the coronavirus pandemic, noting that California is “lagging behind much of the nation.”

Another video tells a story of a single mother who voted for Newsom but now regrets her decision because of schools switching to online learning.

“As a single mother, I had no other choice but to quit my job so I could take care of my child,” the woman explains.

“I voted for Gavin because I thought he wanted to protect single mothers,” she adds. “Instead, convicted criminals were given more freedoms than us.”

Another ad features conservative commentator Christian Walker, who describes gas prices in California as “outrageous” and dives into how the cost of living in California is unsustainable for the average person.


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These ads are cleverly aimed at people besides reliably Republican voters who already want Newsom out of Sacramento, as they are the ones who will ultimately decide the election.

Taylor Strand, founder of Californians United, told The Western Journal that she hoped the group’s message would resonate with all voters.

“I started Californians United because I saw an opportunity for a reach across the aisle with Democrats and independents where we all agreed on something,” Strand said.

“I wanted to educate voters in California about why we’re in the situations we are in.”

This is another pipe to Newsom’s knees in the surprisingly close race in the deep blue state.

Current polling shows a 5.6 percent average lead for the governor, according to FiveThirtyEight.

If Newsom thought he was entitled to survive the recall because of his party affiliation, he underestimated the power of conservative organizers in California.

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