As Pennsylvania Pushes to Certify Results for Biden, Questions of Blatant Fraud Still Linger

As Pennsylvania Pushes to Certify Results for Biden,
Questions of Blatant Fraud Still Linger 1

UPDATE: The Third Circuit Court of Appeals granted an expedited review of the Trump campaign’s legal challenges in Pennsylvania, according to The Gateway Pundit.

That casts uncertainty as to whether an injunction might yet delay the state’s certification of its election results.

Should the Third Circuit reject the Trump team’s arguments, it likely would pave the way for an appeal to the US Supreme Court, which would also be expedited.

Original story below:

Following a refusal by courts to impose an injunction that would delay certification of the Nov. 3 presidential election, Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, a Democrat, was expected to certify election results on Monday.

It follows a similar move in Georgia on Friday, with other crucial tossup states that have been at the center of a massive vote fraud scandal also likely to proceed barring any surprise court reversals.

The court defeats do not, by any means, end the Trump campaign legal team’s pursuit of challenges.

As Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp observed, the legal certification in his state opens more paths for Trump-backers to pursue challenges including the possibility of a new recount.

In Pennsylvania, the likelihood of an eventual Supreme Court challenge is growing as the lower courts reject allegations that Boockvar overstepped her authority.

Nonetheless, the certification of the results does signal a loss of momentum for many, and it makes future options that could reverse the outcome seem far murkier.

A sudden Trump victory would be subject to even greater turmoil and uncertainty should outraged Democrats have their apparent victory snatched away as the result of faithless electors or a conservative-heavy court reversal without the smoking-gun evidence to substantiate.

The campaign’s decision to distance itself from attorney Sidney Powell likewise gave the appearance of waning enthusiasm, regardless of what the true logistical reasons may have been.

Yet, the desire to move on with a clear vision of what lies ahead pose an equal problem if clear evidence of vote fraud in states like Pennsylvania go ignored or un-addressed.

As American Greatness noted, several clear cases point to Democrat election officials having egregiously violated state law by interfering and tampering with ballots before or after the permitted canvassing dates.

“While the president’s lawyers have fixated on hard-to-prove, complex allegations of software rigging and ‘seized’ servers overseas, the more obvious instances of provable voter fraud, especially in the Keystone State, remain mostly ignored,” wrote author Julie Kelly for the conservative site.

“In a fair world, or a country that still takes itself seriously, political leaders of both parties would demand a do-over of Pennsylvania’s election,” she added.

Kelly outlined several of the county-specific instances that conservative media have dutifully reported, to little avail in swaying public sentiment or judicial opinion as, despite the brazenness of the offense, Biden supporters continue to argue that the isolated provable incidences would not be enough to reverse the projected results.

By creating a “patchwork” of inconsistently applied policies, they were able to nickel and dime votes for Biden across a wide swath of counties rather than simply attempting to use the same, centralized vote fraud technique that would allow the matter to be resolved cleanly with one simple court decision.

As Kelly noted, the results of down-ballot races where Republicans dominated gave a clear signal about the mood of voters coming into Biden’s lackluster campaign.

And others have pointed out that even if Republican voters clearly sought to repudiate Trump, the voting patterns in conservative precincts appear to be unnatural, with Trump’s opposition increasing the more conservative a district got, according to algorithmic analyses.

The Federalist on Monday summarized five of the most unlikely factors that Biden apparently overcame, which historical trends would have suggested may result in a Trump landslide.

In addition to the down-ballot voting that broke for the GOP, it said the following all seemed highly suspicious:

  • The historically rare—if not unprecedented—matter of a president gaining votes (10 million to be precise) and still losing re-election
  • Biden having defied decades of predictive behavior in historic bellwethers like Ohio, which have a long history of choosing the eventual winner
  • The fact that Biden trailed losing candidate Hillary Clinton in all but a few select cities including Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia
  • Biden managing to overcome a massive enthusiasm gap in which Trump’s base and party supporters appeared much more committed to their candidate while Democrats showed relatively little personal investment in theirs

Some warned that caving to the demands in the interest of closure and a dreamed-of national unity would instead be a form of appeasement—akin to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain agreeing to concede Poland to Germany in the 1938 Munich Agreement, so long as Hitler stopped his aggression there.

On the contrary, capitulating to the pressure of a dishonest press and corrupt judiciary will only embolden and entrench the methods they used. As any of those who pre-dated the Trump presidency are well aware, his is not the first Republican administration they have attempted to use such tactics to invalidate.

That former appeasers like George W. Bush, Mitt Romney and the McCain family have thrown their weight to Biden should, itself, speak volumes.

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