Cruel and unusual punishment: California now letting biological men into women’s prisons

Cruel and unusual punishment: California now letting
biological men into women’s prisons 1

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CALIFORNIA – It’s been nearly six months since the passing of SB 132, an ill-thought bill passed under the guise of tolerance and inclusivity that allows biological men to be admitted as inmates into women’s prisons.

And with the law now having been put into practice for nearly half a year, the process of inserting men into spaces meant specifically for women is speeding up – and the consequences for allowing this abhorrent practice to continue and amplify is certain to come at the cost of incarcerated women’s’ general safety and possibly lives.

The concept of common sense, in terms policies and approach towards sensitive areas, has been completely abdicated in the name of “understanding” and “tolerance.”

But at what point must the clamoring of things like “tolerance” be no longer entertained with ridiculous accommodations, when the price of that accommodation is literally at the expense of potential abuse and torture?

Well, in the name of “tolerance” toward the transgender community, California brought about a law that went into effect in January of 2021 that allows those who identify as a particular sex to be housed in a prison designed for actual specified biological sexes.

Basically, a biological man who says they are a lady can find themselves housed in a women’s prison with actual biological women – while they still have a completely intact and functioning penis.

Here’s the bill summary text from SB 132, noting this absurd accommodation to someone’s whim of self-identity:

“The bill would require the department, for a person who is transgender, nonbinary, or intersex to only conduct a search of that person according to the search policy for their gender identity or according to the gender designation of the facility where they are housed, based on the individual’s search preference. The bill would additionally require the department to house the person in a correctional facility designated for men or women based on the individual’s preference, except as specified.”

The keywords in that bill are that prison officials must “house the person in a correctional facility designated for men or women based upon the individual’s preference.”

Now of course there is the caveat stop mentioned in that statement, that says “except as specified” – however, when reviewing the entirety of the bill text that is currently in law,  there are really no exceptions.

In fact, the word “except” is only in the bill summary and not anywhere written in the legislation as it stands today.

Now one may be wondering whether or not this is a hyperbolic take on SB 132, insofar that maybe it’s not as point blank as described earlier in that someone with perfectly functioning male genitalia can be admitted into a women’s prison.

Rest assured, that is not hyperbole, as here is the bill text that shows not only can someone have their fully functioning penis and be placed into a women’s prison – they can actually be a straight biological male that just feels like a woman:

“(c) The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shall not deny a search preference pursuant to paragraph (2) of subdivision (a) or a housing placement pursuant to paragraph (3) of subdivision (a) based on any discriminatory reason, including, but not limited to, any of the following:

“(1) The anatomy, including, but not limited to, the genitalia or other physical characteristics, of the incarcerated person.

“(2) The sexual orientation of the incarcerated person.

“(3) For a denial of a housing preference pursuant to paragraph (3) of subdivision (a), a factor present among other people incarcerated at the preferred type of facility.”

Also, if you take a look at section (3) above, that is very nifty legal jargon within SB 132 that says it doesn’t matter if “other people incarcerated at the preferred type of facility” object to a particular biological male being housed at their prison.

It’s completely understandable to have little to no sympathy for those that have ran afoul of the law – everyone in prison committed a crime and are sentenced to a period of confinement for their respective offenses.

The keyword there is “confinement.”

But this nonsense from California that is SB 132 is tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment, specifically for women that are incarcerated in the state prisons – because the punishments allocated for non-violent offenses (which the majority of women in the U.S. are incarcerated for non-violent offenses) is not the risk of sexual violence or physical abuse coming from a man’s hands.

Back in 2018, the slogan “believe women” became wildly popular and circulated, namely within progressive circles in response to the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

Yet in 2021, progressive states like California won’t even listen to women, as through their legislative processes they’ve effectively rendered the significance behind what it is to be a woman meaningless.

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In other news related to topics of transgenderism, Law Enforcement Today shared a report showcasing how an LGBT group started setting up posters inferring that violence should be brought against those that don’t adhere to someone’s preferred pronoun. 

Here’s that previous report. 


NEW YORK CITY, NY – A pro-LGBT group based out of New York City has been hanging posters throughout the subway systems promoting violence against people who don’t “respect trans people.”

MTA riders in New York City have seen some posters cropping up as of late, mocking the format in which official MTA signage appears throughout the subway systems.

One in particular has certainly raised eyebrows, as the verbiage on the poster encourages violence against people who don’t subscribe to the transgender ideology:

“Respect trans people, or your pronouns will be was/were.”

While many in the New York City area are aware that these posters are not official MTA signage, there are some online who were curious as to their origin.

It turns out that this particular poster, among many other similarly formatted ones, came from the NYC-based group Pride Train.

On May 31st, the group had taken to Twitter (in a now deleted tweet) to announce the spread of these posters as Pride month was around the corner, showcasing the incensing one as well as two other posters:

“Surprise, bitch. [B]et you thought you’d seen the last of us. For the fifth year running, we’ll be spreading the message of LGBTQIA+ acceptance, resilience, and joy all over #NYC.”

As noted in the above tweet crafted by Pride Train, the group has been up to these sorts of antics for several years now, namely slapping posters throughout the subway system so as to promulgate the likes of transgender ideology.

According to a 2018 interview with the man who started the endeavor, Thomas Shim, Pride Train was described as a “guerrilla anti-bigotry campaign” where he spoke about when he and his friends started the effort:

“We started with the idea of making a rainbow flag sticker to put on trains. Then we saw the posters and thought, let’s start a conversation. Let’s talk about the state of this country and what we can do. We got a lot of positive feedback last year, so we came back again this year.”

Well, seems as though the feedback for one particular poster from Shim’s 2021 effort is not all that “positive” considering the promotion of violence against those who don’t participate in the transgender tomfoolery.

It’s also with little surprise to find out that Shim just so happens to work for Facebook/Instagram as a creative director.

One Twitter user commenting on the on the specific poster calling for violence wrote:

“Wow… violent threats are not cool and nothing to be proud of. ‘Respect me or die’. This is what abusers say when they want total submission and capitulation. It is not about respect, it is about terror. This movement is appearing more like a supremacist movement by the day.”

Another Twitter user alerted the official account for New York City’s MTA, asking what the outfit intends “to do about it” which the MTA responded with:

“Good afternoon, Kate. This is not our poster nor was it authorized by MTA. If supervision see this in the station, [they] will take it down.”

One commenter tried to call folks objecting to the threats of violence promoted on the posters as harboring “thinly veiled transphobia.” Said declaration was met with swift responses calling that take utter nonsense:

“I know transphobia is used to describe pretty much anything these days, but now it’s transphobic to call out threats of violence made by trans activists? Coercing people to use language that denies reality, on pain of death, is nothing but a fucked up abuser tactic.”

The upside in all this is that the MTA has come forward and disavowed the signage – and with good reason – as a stance of ‘subscribe to my dogma or die’ is not exactly the best way to sway opinions.

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