D’souza: Election Distrust Spells Trouble

D’souza: Election Distrust Spells Trouble 1

In Florida, filmmaker Dinesh D’souza gave NTD his perspective on election issues.

The election outcome is unclear among various legal challenges. That’s why Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’souza says he thinks the mood of Trump voters could be one of frustration and uncertainty about the best way forward.

“My own mood is calm but fearful, but also resolved. I think we will get through it, but the full pathway is not fully clear,” said D’souza.

Sitting down with NTD’s host Cindy Drukier at the Turning Point USA conference, D’souza said society is in real trouble if a large amount of the electorate does not believe that elections are fair.

“Because it affects future elections as well. It’s not just a one-time bad event, which would be traumatic enough. But the idea of normalizing that subverts the confidence in democracy itself,” said D’souza.

He added that some in the American public have lost a lot of confidence in institutions like media and academia, and now the election process, too.

“So I think for me, it puts a society into a certain kind of crisis mode. And that’s why I talk about sort of the Lincoln moment, it’s just a moment at which you have to go back to the very fundamentals and ask, A: are you okay with this? And if not, what is your plan to deal with it? What are you going to act to do?” said D’souza.

He said some of the losing side could go into what he calls “guerilla mode.”

“Now, I don’t necessarily mean we’re going to become guerrilla fighters in the mountains. But I do mean that we will then become people whose fate is being forcibly decided against our will. And that means we’re not living in a free society. So we would then react by attempting to bring down the institutions of the society. Because even that chaos is preferable to being tyrannized over,” said D’souza.

Now, D’Souza said he thinks the critical junction is trying to work out how to fix the alleged corruption.

“In other words, does it need the Supreme Court to fix it? If so, the Supreme Court appears to be taking a role of backing off some, of abdicating its responsibility. Is it something that can be fixed and should be fixed at the level of the state legislatures themselves? In which case, we’ve got to bring enormous attention and pressure to bear to resolve it at that level. So I think there will be supreme efforts to fix these problems,” said D’souza.

He added if the problems aren’t fixed, then people would have to step back and reconsider the situation.

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