Georgia County Official Says Addition to Trump Votes Was Due to Human Error

Georgia County Official Says Addition to Trump Votes Was Due
to Human Error 1

President Donald Trump’s vote count in a Georgia county was boosted after a human error was discovered, the county’s election supervisor said Monday.

“It was a human error in the way the absentee ballots were tabulated and that was discovered right after the election,” Carlos Nelson, Ware County’s supervisor of elections, told The Epoch Times.

During the first week in November, according to Nelson, officials found that the initial count for Trump was low by 37 votes while the count for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was too high by 42 votes.

Batches of ballots are run through Dominion Voting Systems machines to count them during the election process. Sometimes, a batch will be partially counted when the machine stops because of a tear or a defect.

Workers take those batches, correct the error, and put the batches back into the machines. When they do so, they are supposed to mark how many ballots had already been counted.

“The human error was that it should have been marked as rejected,” Nelson said.

After the errors were found, the updated vote count was confirmed in Georgia’s statewide hand audit and the subsequent machine recount.

Nelson was commenting after at least one prominent Twitter user claimed Trump’s campaign had obtained a Dominion machine from a small Georgia county, showing votes “flipped from Trump to Biden.”

Voters Organized for Trusted Elections Results in Georgia issued a press release last week attributing what Nelson described as human error to being the result of Dominion’s software.

Garland Favorito, the group’s co-founder, testified to state lawmakers last week and submitted an affidavit for Pearson v Kemp, a federal case that was dismissed on Monday.

Sidney Powell, who was representing plaintiffs in the case, cited Ware County during the hearing in trying to convince the judge to grant plaintiffs access to voting machines.

“There were 37 votes that were admittedly flipped by the machines from Mr. Trump to Mr. Biden,” she said.

The percentage of the votes equates to approximately the algorithm that plaintiff experts believe was run across the state, she added, calling it “a systemic indication of fraud.”

Gabriel Sterling, the state’s voting system implementation manager, told reporters in a press conference in Atlanta that the idea the count was off because of an algorithm and the machines was “ridiculous.”

“What have we been saying since the beginning? The most obvious fault fault point in any of the systems is the human beings who are counting them,” he said.

“There is no algorithm proof. There are no CS machines. I believe some people trying to conflate this with some of the machines being inspected in Michigan. But that’s just not the case.”

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