Investing genius behind “The Big Short” calls foul play on Dominion voting software, rigged 2020 election

Investing genius behind "The Big Short" calls foul play on
Dominion voting software, rigged 2020 election 1

(Natural News) Michael Burry, an investing guru perhaps best known for his film The Big Short, is lending his support to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of email, who says that the 2020 presidential election is rife with fraud.

In a roughly hour-long video – you can watch it at this link – Dr. Shiva explains at length how he came to the determination that there is no mathematical possibility that the vote counts in numerous key battleground states such as Michigan are accurate.

Dr. Shiva’s video so compelled Burry that Burry took to Twitter to let people know that they should watch it and ask themselves some very serious questions about what took place this election cycle.

“What if #votingsoftware #algorithms used a #weightedrace feature to transfer votes from Trump to Biden as a linear function of % Republicans in a precinct?” Burry wrote. “This is the allegation of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai.”

“Also alleged: code does not ‘glitch,’” Burry added, along with the hashtag #2020Election.

Software “glitch” automatically added votes to Biden’s tally when Trump took lead

Put more simply, what Dr. Shiva uncovered and what Burry is referring to here is an alleged software “glitch” programmed into vote-counting machines that automatically added votes to Biden’s count whenever Trump’s count reached a certain threshold, or got too close to Biden’s count.

In other words, when the system detected that Biden might lose, it automatically began adding more votes for Biden out of thin air. This would explain how Biden “won” in numerous key battleground states were on election night he was trailing Trump significantly.

“The crux of this ‘glitch’ is every time a Republican threshold was met it would kick in and take Trump votes and transfer them to Biden,” writes “Rio” for Hidden Americans.

“We already know of one election in Michigan that had the outcome changed by a software ‘glitch’ in Oakland County, which led to an upset victory Wednesday to a Democrat, only to switch the win back to an incumbent Republican a day later after the poll tapes were counted.”

Every Biden vote in Pennsylvania was counted as 3.05 votes

According to programmer notes, a weighted race feature was also coded into the system to allow some votes to hold more weight than others, meaning one ballot might count as two or three ballots, while another might count as only one.

What appears to have happened in some areas is that ballot counting machines weight Biden votes heavier than Trump votes, hence the mathematical anomalies observed by Dr. Shiva and others.

It is important to note that such anomalies only seem to have appeared in areas where ballots were counted by these corrupted machines. Hand-counted ballots do not reveal the “red flag” pattern identified and explained by Dr. Shiva in the below video:

After around 4 a.m. on Nov. 4, individual votes for Biden in Michigan appear to have been weighted at 1.7 votes each. In Wisconsin, Biden votes were weighted at 2.65 votes per every one vote.

Georgia’s weighted vote was slanted in favor of Biden at 2.5 votes per every one actual vote, while the worst bias was found in Pennsylvania, where every individual Biden vote was counted as 3.05 votes.

“If we are still a democracy, it is quite right to question these numbers,” Rio adds, incorrectly calling our nation a democracy rather than a republic, but still getting to the gist of what Americans everywhere, regardless of party affiliation, should be demanding based on these revelations.

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