Liberal News Networks Ignore Assault And Robbery Of Former Senator Barbara Boxer In California

Liberal News Networks Ignore Assault And Robbery Of Former
Senator Barbara Boxer In California 1

Former Democrat senator Barbara Boxer was attacked and robbed in California a few days ago.

The liberal media is, for the most part, ignoring the story. Why would they do that?

Could it be because this would reflect badly on Democrat policies that have led to a rise in violent crime?

FOX News reports:

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MSNBC, ABC, NBC completely avoid Barbara Boxer assault-robbery, CBS offers less than 7 seconds of coverage

The liberal networks offered little to no coverage of the assault and robbery of former Democratic California Sen. Barbara Boxer as it’s become the latest example of the media’s efforts to downplay the growing violence that has plagued cities across the country.

It was first reported on Monday evening that Boxer was attacked by two thieves and had her cellphone stolen while walking in her hometown of Oakland. CNN and MSNBC failed to mention the breaking news during their primetime lineups.

While CNN broke its blackout briefly addressing the incident on its poorly-watched morning program “New Day,” MSNBC continued the blackout throughout Tuesday according to Grabien transcripts, focusing much of its coverage on the Jan. 6 committee hearing.

Perhaps the most puzzling element of MSNBC’s omitted coverage of the assault was the fact that Boxer was a semi-frequent guest of the liberal cable news network, appearing on-air as recently as this past Saturday to discuss the Jan. 6 committee…

MSNBC was not the only network to avoid Boxer. Both ABC and NBC skipped over the story during their morning and evening programs on Tuesday.

You know who has said something about it? Trump. Read below:

Democrats have brought us to this point. It’s time to end the crime spree.

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