Most new COVID-19 cases in California are occurring in the most vaccinated counties

Most new COVID-19 cases in California are occurring in the
most vaccinated counties 1

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An analysis has found that California counties with above-average vaccination rates for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) also have higher than average daily case rates. The analysis also found that coronavirus cases are falling in counties with below-average vaccination rates.

Health authorities in California are attributing the rise in cases to the post-vaccine delta variant of the coronavirus. They believe this variant is spreading through the state’s unvaccinated population.

But the only conclusion that can be drawn from the analysis of COVID-19 vaccination rates and daily case rates in California is that the vaccines are not protecting the fully vaccinated, and these people are helping to spread the virus.

Some of the most vaccinated counties in California also have higher daily case rates

Local media organization Bay Area News Group analyzed the data and found that COVID-19 cases are rising in many urban counties that boast high vaccination rates.

Five counties, in particular, have both a higher percentage of fully vaccinated residents and a higher average daily case rate than the statewide average. These counties are San Francisco, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Diego and Los Angeles.

According to state data, four of the five counties are in the top 10 most vaccinated counties in the state. San Francisco ranks second in the county with 69.8 percent of people fully vaccinated, and an additional 6.5 percent have received one dose but have yet to receive a second.

For comparison, five counties have both a below-average vaccination rate and an average daily case rate that is under the statewide average and decreasing. These counties are Lassen, Modoc, Del Norte, Glenn, and San Benito.

Lassen County is the least vaccinated county in California. Only 19.3 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, and an additional 2.1 percent of the county has received one dose but has yet to receive a second.

So-called public health experts have attributed this disparity not to the fact that the vaccines spread the virus, but supposedly because the most vaccinated counties have high urban density. In these areas, experts have argued without evidence that the unvaccinated are passing the post-vaccine delta variant to the vaccinated.

New COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County comprised of mostly vaccinated people

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer announced on July 22 that at least 20 percent of the county’s new COVID-19 cases were in vaccinated individuals.

Ferrer has attributed the rise in COVID-19 cases in vaccinated people to the post-vaccine delta variant. “The delta variant is a game-changer,” she said. Data shows the delta variant is driving community spread, and the percentage of breakthrough cases in fully vaccinated individuals has also surged.

Like many other so-called public health experts, Ferrer has attributed the rise in breakthrough COVID-19 cases to density. (Related: VAX SCAM REVEALED: Los Angeles County brings back mask mandates, even for the vaccinated.)

She said the one main reason more vaccinated people are testing positive is that more people are vaccinated.

“The more people who are vaccinated, the more people who will end up testing positive,” said Ferrer.

Furthermore, Ferrer all but admitted that the COVID-19 vaccines are unable to fully protect people from the virus. She added:

“When there’s more community transmission it affects … even those who have protection. If you’ve got more people around you who are infected, the more likely you are to get infected… Those numbers will go up – including among vaccinated people until we get community transmission under control.”

Of California’s 58 counties, Los Angeles County is the 17th most vaccinated, with 53.5 percent of the eligible population being fully vaccinated. An additional 7.6 percent of the population has already received one dose but has yet to get the second dose.

Los Angeles County is also distinguishable for having administered the most doses out of any county in the state. As of press time, it has administered 11,184,380 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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