Truckload Of High-End Video Cards Stolen In California As Chip Shortage Continues

Truckload Of High-End Video Cards Stolen In California As
Chip Shortage Continues 1

The global semiconductor shortage, supply chain delays, and booming interest in cryptocurrency mining have sparked massive demand for graphics cards, resulting in sky-high prices. Due to scarcity and high prices, criminals are waking up to the new “silicon gold:” graphics cards. So it comes as no surprise that an entire truckload of graphics cards was “stolen” in southern California.

News about the theft originated on EVGA Corporation’s website last week. EVGA is a US computer hardware company that produces Nvidia video cards. Product manager Jacob Freeman wrote a blog that read:

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on October 29, 2021, a shipment of EVGA GeForce RTX 30-Series Graphics Cards was stolen from a truck en route from San Francisco to our Southern California distribution center.

These graphics cards are in high demand and each has an estimated retail value starting at $329.99 up to $1959.99 MSRP.

Freeman didn’t disclose which graphic cards were stolen or quantity. He emphasized that it’s both a criminal and civil offense under state and federal law to “conceal, sell, withhold or aid in concealing selling or withholding” the stolen video cards. 

The thieves could list the graphics cards on eBay or social media marketplaces. 

“So it’s essentially impossible to buy a GPU from a legit source, and you therefore have to buy them off Ebay or some other marketplace if you don’t want to wait 8-12 months. And now if you buy an EVGA card there’s a chance it’s stolen and you’ll receive no support. I hate thieves immensely, but I feel sorry for anyone that buys one of these all excited only to find this out after the fact,” said one person on the EVGA forum. 

An alarming problem we see is that unsuspecting people might purchase one of these stolen graphics cards, and upon registering, be flagged by EVGA and confronted by the police. 

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