Trump campaign: Americans don’t trust mainstream media election coverage

Trump campaign: Americans don’t trust mainstream media
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UPDATED 5:45 PM PT – Friday, November 20, 2020

Steve Cortes, the President’s senior campaign advisor, said
the corporate mainstream media wants Americans to believe them over
the truth. On Friday, Cortes took to Twitter to highlight the
mainstream media’s efforts to push the Democrat agenda.

Skeptical of the Election
results as reported? Cynical on media?


You’re not alone — here are the numbers…#ChalkTalk

— Steve Cortes (@CortesSteve)
November 20, 2020

He pointed to two different polls released since Election Day
from ‘Politico
and ‘Gallup,’
which showed the majority of Americans distrust the election
coverage and the election results. Cortes also said the media has a
very specific goal.

“Number one: they think that if they repeat that Joe Biden is
the president-elect 5,000 times to you that will somehow make it
so,” Cortes noted. “Secondly, they want you to assume that if
you…doubt these election results you are some sort of conspiracy
theorist nutjob. That is not the actual reality.”

Cortes reiterated that it is not the media’s job to decide the
election. He left viewers with the message to stay vigilant and
educated because the real results will prove the President’s

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